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Shared Web Annotation & Content Aware Services
The next Google of Web Evolution

Huh? Cool!TechnoGeek
      It's easy, simply register and then view web sites through and we instantly and transparently add cool stuff to every page from anywhere and with any browser.

    Select any text on any page and a menu will pop up, allowing you to highlight that text so that everyone can see it.

    Who hasn't been at a site and wanted to yell "this is wrong!" or "wow, that's amazing"? Now you can, and you can share it with your friends, instantly search, translate, or blog it.

    Sound like fun? It is ;-)
    A nerdy new content services platform that opens up the web's data layer and makes it accessible to enhance and reuse the knowledge as it flows.

    Web pages in transit are intelligently transformed and extended to add 3rd party content and tools to enhance and empower.

    The Pandora's Box of content delivery is now wide open, finally enabling transparent shared web annotation, a wealth of capable in-page tools, and powerful developer access.

    You will be impressed.

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